by Kali

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released February 23, 2009



all rights reserved


Kali Red Deer, Alberta

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Track Name: Non-Profit Organization
Build buildings of gold, erect statues of bronze for a man of whom I am his son. If society's rational, then why do we exclude every church on every corner while every preacher's being viewed as the advent of good, the opposite of evil? They'll take all your money to build a new steeple. Cultural poison. No one's immune. We flood all the streets, recycle the fumes and spit verses in the face of reason. If there was a god who would he believe in?
Track Name: Changes
Materialism. What's it worth? A D&G Bag? A Hollister shirt? We fuck our minds with globalization. We think we earned this shit for no reason. Nothing ever changes.
Track Name: En Route
The system's got a hold. We cannot escape. They're not letting go until we fucking break. So sick, so tired of being broken down. They've outsmarted us all. We're losing our ground. To them I'm just a number but I've got a fucking name. Is it us? Is it them? Who's to fucking blame? We have to acknowledge, and never accept. If we lose our freedom to the shepherds we'll have nothing left.
Track Name: Pray/Prey
Bow your head and raise your hands. Lose your will to their demands. They make their truths and hide their lies to take control and rule our lives. Imposing fear and guilt on youth to take away the fucking truth. Equality cannot be achieved if our youth have been deceived. With open eyes and an open mind, see the hate that's plagued mankind.
Track Name: P.S.A.
Passing plans back and forth in rooms behind our backs. They'll do anything and everything, whatever will distract. Let's think for ourselves, try something new.
Track Name: Progression of a Circle
Spewing the same old shit for the "good" of us all. Plans for the future? Let me check my agenda. We're trapped in a circle, leeches sucking at our feet. Angry men in suits and ties, they're keeping all discrete. Fuck it, annihilation.
Track Name: Roman Holiday
Cages filled with innocent lives. Day after day we ignore their cries. Killing millions, no remorse. We must stop the death, and give them freedom's breath. Who the fuck are we to deny their setting free? I won't be a part of this, ignorance is not bliss.