by Kali

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Every song we've ever written. Minus intros.

Available on cassette (with a digital download) via Pint-Sized Records: pintsizedrecords.com/album/duress


released March 10, 2012

Mixed and mastered by Ryan Kennedy. Recorded by Dylan Cave.



all rights reserved


Kali Red Deer, Alberta

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Track Name: P.S.A.
Passing plans back and forth in rooms behind our backs. They'll do anything and everything, whatever will distract. Let's think for ourselves, try something new.
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
Dogs that yelp or swine that squeal
it's all the fucking same

Cattle fill our plates night by night
While our felines purr away

What's the difference between the two?
Which are our pets? Which are our food?
How can humans pick and choose which species is more worthy than another?
Track Name: Roman Holiday
Cages filled with innocent lives. Day after day we ignore their cries. Killing millions, no remorse. We must stop the death, and give them freedom's breath.

Who the fuck are we to deny their setting free? I won't be a part of this, ignorance is not bliss.
Track Name: Bloodsport
Weekend's near. Grab your gun and hit the trails. Shoot to kill it never fails. Scope is tuned, your prey's in view. Pull it back, don't spill your brew.

You're so fucking virile, you and your bros. Sadistic fucking bloodsport, your compassion really shows.
Track Name: W.M.H.M.O.M.
Wars waged for profits, wars for beliefs. Wars by the power hungry and the clerical elite. No regard for the innocent, no interest in the poor. When it comes to needless killing, they're the best at war.
Track Name: En Route
The system's got a hold. We cannot escape. They're not letting go until we fucking break. So sick, so tired of being broken down. They've outsmarted us all. We're losing our ground.

To them I'm just a number but I've got a fucking name. Is it us? Is it them? Who's to fucking blame? We have to acknowledge, and never accept. If we lose our freedom to the shepherds we'll have nothing left.
Track Name: Changes
Materialism. What's it worth? A D&G Bag? A Hollister shirt? We fuck our minds with globalization. We think we earned this shit for no reason. Nothing ever changes.
Track Name: Progression of a Circle
Spewing the same old shit for the "good" of us all. Plans for the future? Let me check my agenda.

We're trapped in a circle, leeches sucking at our feet. Angry men in suits and ties, they're keeping all discrete.

Fuck it, annihilation.
Track Name: Shepherd's Rod
Golden crosses lined the halls for the privileged informed youth
textbooks written theistically so far from the truth

A holy child with sacred vows
pious and chained
On his needs with arms to god
Subservient and in vain

Countless verses from his testament still serve his life ill meaning
Constantly demoting his accomplishments, he just can't stop believing

As he slowly wastes away,
He'll waste his hallowed breath
Preaching the gospels sacrosanct message
while choking on his skeptics
Track Name: Impostor
Hey look, look what I've found. It's something I can stand for. All my life all I've been looking for is something to hold on to. It doesn't matter whether or not it's something I believe in. As long as I say it's true it spreads the same message.

You've based your life off of noble lies to say that you are useful. Your beliefs mean nothing, you'll stand for something to say that you are special. Contradicting, self repeating, useless piece of shit. Just wreck a cause, you'll hide your flaws, and then you'll fucking fit.
Track Name: Science?
All tests are inconclusive. They're all subject to change.

You're killing for your luxury, you're mongering for their pain. No matter how many lives you take, there's still nothing to gain. Animal testing is the ultimate injustice. Science? If this is science, I don't want a part of it.
Track Name: Proverbs 30:5
A man in his robe is declaring the facts. He sits on his throne, shoves knives in our backs. It doesn't matter what truth it opposes, if it's god's word we must live by it. He decides who we love and what we must wear. He decides who we fuck and what is unfair. I live in a society, fiction over fact. Religion has fucked our heads. Fuck you, we want our lives back.

He empties our wallets as he empties our minds, fills us with hate and leaves us behind. To blame for all famine and hatred, keep your faith cause we don't want it.
Track Name: Weasel
Check the scripture: Leviticus 18:22. A man who lies with a man now has something to do with a god who isn't there, a book that isn't true. You force your way into all our lives and now I blame you. Weasel yourself in, distort another mind. Pollute our kids, school systems. Pollute our fucking lives.

I hate the fucking fact that you'll take the fucking time to criticize all our beliefs, without keeping yours in mind. Go the fuck ahead, just close your fucking eyes. Just keep your god inside the church, just keep him in your mind.
Track Name: Pray/Prey
Bow your head and raise your hands. Lose your will to their demands.

They make their truths and hide their lies to take control and rule our lives. Imposing fear and guilt on youth to take away the fucking truth.

Equality cannot be achieved if our youth have been deceived. With open eyes and an open mind, see the hate that's plagued mankind.
Track Name: Changes pt. II
Isolated, Disconnected
Apathetic, Nihilistic
Establishing methods of refusing knowledge
Nothing can ever change.
Track Name: Bottomfeeder
A life's being wasted
As he inhales from his pipe
Toxic fumes consume his lungs while he signs away his life
You see him on the street you can't give him a buck
This guy's just a junkie who really gives a fuck?
This guy's just a junkie who gives a fuck?

The look on his face
Told stories so grim
His eyes showed the corner
God imprisoned him in
You've nothing to share
Cause you've nothing to hide
Just sleep in your mansions
Don't care what's outside.
Track Name: It Only Gets Worse (Haymaker Cover)
I don't wanna hear your shit, 'cause it's just more bad news. I don't need to be reminded that I was born to lose. I should just walk under a fucking ladder, or smash another mirror. This hasn't been my day for the last fucking year, and I'm getting sick of it.

So life just keeps on swinging, trying to knock me out. Hit me with your best shot, find out what I'm about. And if it gets worse, then I'm ready for another round.

It's like a fucking curse to find out shit only gets worse.